Initial Situation

  • Security is one of the key issues of our time. The world is changing rapidly. Geostrategic, political, religious, economic and social changes, amongst others, have also an impact on Switzerland. 

  • Security is a significant strategic asset for a country and central to our prosperity.

  • Currently, the citizens of Switzerland are inadequately informed about security issues and related risks. However, (well) informed political and economic leaders as well as educated fellow citizens are crucial for a working democracy and a safe country.

Objectives and Tasks

  • Through the SWISS SECURITY FORUM (FSS) we launch an independent and holistically oriented dialogue platform for all aspects of security, independent of stakeholders and party politics.

  • Our assignment is to fill the existing void of information with active communication. Therefore, a fact-based and neutral dialogue is needed. This dialogue has to be led with all parts of society and not just supporters of the army.

  • The goal is to foster knowledge and comprehension of security issues and new risks within civil society. Furthermore, we want to improve the cooperation between a wide range of security actors. 

Independence from Political and Economic Interests

  • The SWISS SECURITY FORUM (SSF) does not represent any interests of political or economic nature. Contrary to other interest groups and associations, the FSS deliberately does not comment on political issues and it will not take part in any political campaigning. 

  • As a neutral dialogue platform, it focuses on discussions of key security issues from a neutral stance while highlighting different perspectives.

Target Audience

  • The SWISS SECURITY FORUM (SSF) is looking for an active exchange with all actors and organisations from business, politics, society and science that are interested in the subject.

  • The goal is to address all sections of society - specifically those with reservations or critical opinions on security issues. 

  • Therefore, the SSF's goal is to build up multipliers in all parts of society which then share informations in their environment and network. 


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