Our objectives:


Blättler, Stefan

Borer, Roland F.

Demierre, Yvan

Duvillard, André

Gantert, Fritz

Giunta, Giovanni

Holenstein, Stefan

Hollenstein, Claudia

Hunziker, Beat

Käser, Hans-Jürg

Keckeis, Christophe

Messerli, Fritz

Müller, Fredy

Noth, Jürg

Seiler, Markus

Vogel, Adrian

President Conference of Cantonal Chiefs of Police (KKPKS)

Former National Councillor, Founder Interdisziplinäres Sicherheitsforum (IDSF)

Chairman Swiss Officer Society (SOG)

Delegate for the Swiss Security Network

President Swiss Society of Defence Technology (STA)

Director Swiss Business Point

President SOG

Chairwoman F-Info, local councillor Stäfa

Director Swiss Shooting (SSV)

Former State council Ct. Bern, President Conferece of Cantonal Directors of Justice and Police (KKJPD)

Former Chief of the Swiss Armed Forces

President Society of General Staff Officers (GGstOf)

Public affairs expert; President New Helvetic Society (NHG) Zurich

Commander of the Border Guard

Former Director Federal Intelligence Service (FIS)
Head of department Swissmem

SWISS SECURITY FORUM is a politically and commercially independent platform aimed at promoting a dialogue between Swiss civil society, authorities, the economy, politics and science regarding current and future topics and challenges in the area of security.

Foundation of the association


Idea for the foundation of a dialogue platform 'Security Switzerland'.


January 2017 – April 2017:

Development of the overall concept by Fredy Müller and Roland F. Borer.


May 2017:

Within the framework of two 'test rounds', the overall concept was presented to selected representatives from politics, business, science, civil society, and further developed together.


October 2017:

The final concept was presented to the co-initiators. H. J. Käser and C. Hollenstein were willing to take over the presidium.


January 2018:

Official foundation of the association “SWISS SECURITY FORUM” in Bern.


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